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Laundry condensate beads of water soluble film

by:POLYVA     2021-02-04
A, what is laundry condensate beads laundry condensate beads, is a glittering and translucent get rid of PVA water soluble film packaging film of laundry detergent, looks like a water shaped object, in the water. Begin to dissolve 5 minutes, 15 minutes completely dissolved in dolly tub, room temperature without insoluble no leakage of water environment, begin to dissolve over 65 degrees. This laundry condensate beads designed for machine wash, the operation is simple, convenient and not dirty hands, a nominal capacity can clean a bucket of clothes, 6公斤,6 - 14 pieces of clothing) , there are two times clean force, oil suitable composition, texture is soft and smooth thickening is moderate, mild nature does not hurt the clothing, and with a special low foam lock color formula, condensate water bead in the instant no residue, can efficiently remove stubborn stains clothing clean like new. Each star is fixed, the volume of distress for how much laundry detergent, no longer would not much for laundry detergent, to soak for many times, also won't too few clothes didn't achieve clean effect. And not dirty hands, not hurting hands, cute appearance, easy to remember names, so products marketed a was the younger generation, once sold out of stock, the scene is hot. Second, how to use 2014 years to launch a new product of the market, is because in a small lovely packaging. This kind of washing the outer membrane of the bead can bear the weight of 15 kg, and instant under the influence of water at the same time. PVA water-soluble film, soluble in water insoluble in hand, only before the dissolution is transparent, and transparent after dissolving, the packaging film will disappear naturally no residue, and no matter before dissolving, dissolves are tasteless. We do the experiment after the condensate beads film fully immersed in water, it soon began to get & other Soft lie prone to lie prone & throughout; And let stand for 30 seconds without stirring, it began to spread out, gradually combined with water, let a person remember that made of glutinous rice starch candy wrappers, sugar dry materials like paper, but will melt after the entrance, a lot of fun. In 10 minutes, the water into a milky white, it feels like a slippery thick syrup, and so it was put in the washing machine, mixed with water, will release the laundry inside essence, and their melting out slowly, finally turned out beautiful clean sacrificing himself. This small laundry condensate beads super save worry, more convenient, change the way you laundry and habits, and do not need a second to operate, remember, don't have to cut open, not into the washing powder groove, but direct will be put into the washing machine, direct use. Don't put washing powder groove, in order to laundry water and condensate beads to fully mix, no residue. Remarkably laundry condensate beads has a soft heart and don't have to worry about hard, will catch broken, it actually transparent coagulation bead film compressive ability is stronger than that of the other film, without water, throw in the floor won't crack leakage, because it is every one can bear the weight of the larger, don't worry about not careful will be broken, it went out or off the laundry detergent and awkward situation. But laundry condensate beads in soft water begins to dissolve, completely dissolved in a few minutes, stirring condition dissolve faster. This beautiful setting bead film is a green environmental protection, non-toxic, fully biodegradable, no residue, safety is the most important thing, harmless to people, and will not pollute the environment, let you use up completely worry-free. Three, the development prospect of laundry condensate beads products, people call it the laundry artifact, Europe more than 30 million homes, and sales of a year is as high as 1. 4 billion in the United States. Products listed last year, sought after by young women, sales continue to rise. Four, the laundry condensate beads of water soluble film we produce condensate beads using PVA water soluble film, use targeted formula, stretch forming. With high transparency, tensile strength, heat sealing or water seal performance is good, the cold water dissolved completely without residual properties. We also can provide laundry bead packaging solutions. < br /> < br />
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